mount ipad

The most unique tool to set tablet on guitar bridge

The lightweight Mobile-Catch® can easily replaces heavy microphone stand.

Product Code Combination : #KOK + Z03 to replace music sheet stand or note/lyric on tablet stand; any UDC/SKUDC Type for microphone

clamp for guitar

Mobile-Catch works as a capo a for guitars + phone holder for LIVE; 2 in 1 function, the idea of buy one gets one free.

At the same time, it can also hold a mobile device for electronic sheet music or mic recorder.

Product Code Combination : #BEP

clamp guitar

For Electric Guitars

Mobile-Catch® provides performers highly mobility and flexibility on the stage and free from space limitations. Nunca despacito para ser un cantante.

Product Code Combination : #KOK/BEP for guitar tablet stand; any UDC Type for microphone

clamp for guitar

The dual clamps

Mobile-Catch® creates an innovative and enlightening evolution for all musicians and performers. Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Richard Marx, Enrique Iglesia, Il Divo all possible to use.

Product Code Combination : #BEP for CAPO; UDC Type 1 + #B01 + C01 for microphone with extension

phone mount

For all wind instruments lovers

it goes into many challenged positions so that musicians can perform / read / learn their music.

Product Code Combination : #BEP

phone holder mount

Share your performance anytime

Live broadcasting to all your fans. Applicable to saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, etc.

Product Code Combination : #BEP

phone mount holder

Holding a microphone

It catches a quality sound in a best way, to grip any type of microphone to replace headset phone. Can grab brands such as Shure, Audio-Technika, Rode, Sennheiser, etc.

Product Code Combination : #BEP + #D03

all cell accessories

For all drums

Mobile-Catch® can mount on any shape of surface including rims.

Product Code Combination : UDC Type 1 demo

cell phones and accessories

For drum / bacteria set performance

Mount-Catch® can easily mount on the stand for better sound effect.

Product Code Combination : UDC Type 2 demo

phone holder mount

Two clamps in one set

Build a combination and fit your need, compatible to almost all classical or electric drum, bacteria.

Product Code Combination : UDC Type 1 demo

mobile phone accessories

Catch everywhere

Workable to all brands such as Tama, Ludwig, Pearl, Mapex, Gretsch, Premier, Yamaha, Roland, etc.

Product Code Combination : #BEP

monitor mount clamp

For Xylophone users

Record your performance anytime and anywhere.

Product Code Combination : #BEP

smartphone clamp mount

That's awesome!

A combination of Mobile-Catch allows you to mount as much accessories as you want without obstructing your performance.

Product Code Combination : UDC Type 1 and 2 + #B02 + #C01

mount phone

For pianos

Special plastic material protect the object that it grabs, surely okay to put on luxury wood on any kind of piano / keyboard / organ.

Product Code Combination : #BEP

c clamp mount

The performance

Extend the object you need (e.g. a microphone) during a performance, suitable for all brands such as Yamaha, Kawai, KHS, Steinway, Roland, etc.

Product Code Combination : UDC Type 2 Demo

phone clamp mount

Two clamps in one set

Allows you to mount or grab verious positions in order to receive or Tascam down the best sonic quality.

Product Code Combination : UDC Type 2 Demo

ipad clamp mount

It’s convenience and portable! Show your fingerstyle when playing the masterpiece from the greatest pianist such as Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Schubert, Wagner, Brahms, Schumann, Haydn, Tchaikovsky, etc.

Mobile-Catch® replaces a music sheet stand or microphone stand, use your action cam such as GoPro / iPhone / Samsung Galaxy, etc.

Product Code Combination : #BEP + #B02 + #Z03

flex clamp mount

For different kind of piano users

It’s easy to sing while playing, sing and play at the same time.

Product Code Combination : #UDC Type 1 or 1 + #B02 + #C01

phone desk mount

For teaching and lessoning

Start a distance learning as close as you want.

Product Code Combination : #BEP

ball clamp mount

For audio speakers

Loading your heavy weight of stereo loud speaker and broadcast your music to everyone; applicable to Marshall, Fender, Yamaha, Gibsons, Mipro, etc.

Product Code Combination : UDC Type 2 Demo + #C02/#C03

mount portable

Super-strong mounting power, loading the heavy weight

It’s strong,secured and able to grab most type of article. Hanger up your Dolby Digital Stereo or Mono Amplifier on air today instead of sitting on the ground!

Product Code Combination : UDC Type 2 Demo + #C02/#C03

portable phone mount

For the microphone

It can mount and grab on any position, sing loud and play loud.

Product Code Combination : UDC Type 1 Demo + #B02 + #C01

clamp phone mount

It grabs everything

Mobile-Catch® can grab any object even tiny rims, size from less than 1 inch to 3 inches

Product Code Combination : UDC Type 1 Demo

flex clamp mount

Different colors

Colorful your life.

Product Code Combination : UDC Type 2 Demo

stand holder

Standing on the ground

Nothing to grab? Don’t worry, it works as backstand or table stand; this is a superior product than ordinary tripod, monopod, handheld selfie stick, clamp, mount, etc. Nothing else can be as universal as Mobile-Catch.

Product Code Combination : #KOK + #D03

clamp on shock mount

For every different need

Dual clamps give you one universal invincible tool. One product fits all, one size fits all, multi-functional, brilliant and extraordinary.

Product Code Combination : UDC Type 2 Demo

universal ipad mount

Duplex function tablet / smartphone holder

All sizes including mini IPad, large display smartphone to >11' large tablet computer including laptop / notebook / IPad Pro. *NEW Sector, please see FAQ page

Product Code Combination : #KOK/#BEP + #Z03

mount for ipad

It’s an evolution!

Mobile-Catch® was awarded as the best invention of the hardware/tools in USA 2013 together with >40 patents up-to-date.

Product Code Combination : #KOK/#BEP + #Z03

mount portable

Wolrd's newest invention,

Mobile-Catch® provides an innovative solutions for all musicians and the word "Mobile-Catch" is unique and special. This is the strongest arm or we call the extra thrid hand. You can look at Mobile-Catch as a guitar stand, music sheet stand, microphone holder, grip or mount, phone holder, tripod or selfie, etc. Mobile-Catch has all such properties and can be functioning all of them.

Product Code Combination : UDCSK / UDC Type 1 --> holding as the strongest