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Mobile-Catch® innovates in the space of hands-free devices. We are a pioneer in this open, little-explored world of great potential and opportunities. Although we realize that the users’ transition from the handheld to our brand of the hands-free may take time, we are working diligently on enabling a smooth transition. Mobile-Catch® originates from Taiwan and is prolific in scientific and engineering inventions. Since the past decade, Mobile-Catch has focused on flexible mechanical engineering, new OLED flash, consumer electronics, marketing towards professional users and particularly on the portable mounting systems for smartphones and other digital devices. Mobile-Catch® is dedicated to providing products that are versatile and convenient to consumers in the digital age and we are doing it by innovating relentlessly.

Our US Patents:

1. US9115740, applies to all Mobile-Catch phone holder/mounts/grips for smartphone/tablet pads including KOK, BEP, HAWK, Packman edition series, etc.

2. US9273821, applies to all Mobile-Catch clamps including KOK, BEP, HAWK, Packman, edition series, etc.

3. US9206943, applies to Mobile-Catch accessories for rigid extension rod, flexible extension rod, arms or other distance extension stuffs.

4. US10500699, applies to Mobile-Catch dual clamps including UDCA, UDCB, Shark-King, Medical and Hospital Hands-Free applications.

5. US9625086, applies to all possible kinds of adhesive or 3M type tapes connected with smartphone, tablet iPad, mobile device holders/mount.

6. US9625788, applies to OLED smartphone related flashes or panel lights which may work with all brands of 3C products with remote controls.

7. USD870019S, it is a design patent which functions for rollable screen mobile devices / smartphone / displays with its remote controls.

8. USD891507S, this design patent offers the rollable screen mobile devices / smartphone /displays / 3Cs with the remote control & a hook.

If you are interested in our patents (either to sell / buy), please feel free to contact us (more patents and counterparts are also available).  If you found any patent infringement or have any idea would like to work together with, please feel free to report to too.  Thank you.

USA Company

Mobile-Catch USA Company

Taiwan Company

Mobile-Catch Taiwan Company

Our Objectives

Mobile-Catch® is establishing a sophisticated link between the mobile device and the user’s active lifestyle. As a result, people no longer need to use their hands to hold the smartphones while manipulating the devices. Mobile-Catch® provides hands-free access to smartphones, tablet computers, cameras, microphones, and many others. Our products can be mounted on a wide range of soft or hard objects, including fine wooden musical instruments. Mobile-Catch® offers path-breaking solutions for users who need or desire to go hands-free without losing the objects they depend on.

Mobile-Catch's Vision & Mission

During the past decade or so, it became evident that users’ demands for mobile devices far outstripped that of PCs. Out of this momentous shift, Mobile-Catch® was established aiming to become the preeminent provider of genuine hands-free tools that were multi-functional and pleasing to the eye. To this end, Mobile-Catch® has begun work on product designs and released inventions commercially since 2011. We also saw a meaningful role to play for those who lost an arm or a hand or simply have weak hand strength. For disabled people in particular, we aim to offer them an extra “hand” with a minimal cost, especially for those who need it for work.

Is Mobile-Catch® Accessory or Product Company?

The normal sequence of market events went something like this: As soon as smartphones like iPhone became available, stands/mounts for them were also on the market. Likewise, once GoPro® action cameras were rolled out, GoPro® mount/accessories immediately followed. However, such typical handheld- and-accessory relationship does not loom large in our design and product orientations. This is because at Mobile-Catch Inc., we intended for our hands-free mobile tools serving as “hands” holding of the user’s objects while firmly grabbing onto any surface area; and capable of moving in every direction. We created ‘mobile hands’ that go far beyond holding devices such as smartphones, action cameras and such. The "mobile hands" are meant to free the users’ hands from ANY handheld item, so that users can focus on the activities they enjoy. If you are interested in corporate with us including buying / selling / customizing / branding those products, please feel free to contact us.


Parent company Miguelangel Synthechem Corp. established


Parent company Miguelangel Synthechem Corp. established.

Created hands-free concept for patent


Created hands-free concept for patent.

Started to publish mobile mounting systems patents


Started to publish mobile mounting systems patents.

Awarded Best Hardware/Tools Prize at Invention Exposition,USA

Jun. 2013

Awarded Best Hardware/Tools Prize at Invention Exposition,USA.

Awarded Taipei City Gov

Aug. 2013

Awarded Taipei City Gov. Recognition of Excellence in Business.

Mobile-Catch Co., Ltd independently established

Jan. 2014

Mobile-Catch Co., Ltd independently established and granted an exclusive license to patent rights by the inventor.

Launch of Majestic Creation

Sep. 2014

Launch of Majestic Creation

Launch of Black Edition

Sep. 2015

Launch of Black Edition

Launch of Hawk Sport & Hawk Action

Dec. 2015

Launch of Hawk Sport & Hawk Action

Relocated to TamSui, HongShuLin

Mar. 2016

Relocated to TamSui, HongShuLin. Continue to strive for happy and green business in Taiwan...

Launch of King of kings

Oct. 2016

Launch of King of kings

Passed ISO 9001:2015 certified

Dec. 2016

Passed ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Mobile-Catch Inc.

Summer 2017

Mobile-Catch Inc.