Mobile-Catch® is an America’s best awarding inventions from a professional PADI/SSI rescue diver. Based on his abundant diving experience, he created this unique tool which can be applicable for all marine users, outdoor activities, watersports including fishing, boating, cruising, kayaking, etc. Mobile-Catch® is a human hand modified tool which basically grasps everything. It can grab safety flags, snorkels, action camera, underwater camera, flashlight, strobes, BCD, air tank, regulator, gauge, fishing rod, kayake/boat paddle, etc.

There are various advantages for divers to carry this tool into water because: Firstly, it provides every diver a “third hand” while descending/ascending into water; it increases chances to be rescued when a diver encounters the danger. Secondly, it provides divers an additional hand to grab or to hold/mount in position for almost every article in water; we call it “the best underwater assistant”. Thirdly, it is a useful accessory for all underwater photographers or video film producers to mount their cameras, flashlight or strobes to observe marine lives. Photographers will be capable to take much better quality pictures in water ever than before because now they can easily solve light source direction of causing shadow problems. Mobile-Catch®, we save, help and improve every marine participant a better chance to live with water! It is not only for fun dives, but also for professionals.

Next time don't forget your Mobile-Catch® to dive together with sharks, whales, dolfins, coral reefs, sea turtles, mantas, etc. It will give you a fantastic diving experience in Great Barrie Reef, Red Sea, Florida, Bali, Maldives, Bahamas, Mauritius, exactly what happened as inventor had. Futher information please check the underwater edition of "Shark King (UDCSK)".

P.S.: Our magical dual clamps are the only real unique inventions in the world. All others similar types of dual clamps are INFRINGED/COPIED/DUPLICATED products from cheap vendors. Please be awared to use the right products when diving; do not risk yourself by buying those stolen IP products.