Please note that Mobile-Catch® is a patent right reserved product. Any sales/purchase of Mobile-Catch® without Mobile-Catch® original logo brand or laser sticker printed on the product box/product may cause the infringement of US9115740 & US9273821 including their counterparts patents in Europe, China, Japan, Korea, etc.

In case to avoid patent duplicators/infringers from the pirate market, Mobile-Catch® currently has NO any authorized patent licensee manufacturer in any country including China since 4Q18. Hawk clamps including Hawk Sport, Hawks Actions without original license stickers on the clamp/holder may be made from duplicators. We estimate there are at least 300,000 pieces made from the infringers running in today’s global market; majorities of them are known as “Bike Mount”, “Motorcycle Mount”, “Baby Stroller Handle Bar Mount”, “Clamp Cup Holders”, etc., especially those who purchased Discounted products from

For those who have ever purchased the non-authentic products from the duplicators, please kindly report us by emailing and providing us those infringers’ information, source and the receipt/invoice, etc. as a favor to us. As soon as we figure out such information is true, you will be rewarded a FREE set Mobile-Catch® KOK including FREE shipping&handling + a 50% voucher for all items you purchase on Mobile-Catch® website valid for next 2 years.

We appreciate very much all your support to Mobile-Catch® !!