Ball Head Professional Enforced Ball Head Professional Enforced

Intro of Ball Head Professional Enforced

The Ball Head Enforced Quick Release System is a large "socket & ball" head that is strong enough to support the heaviest of professional DSLR cameras. It has been carefully designed and manufactured to precisely position the camera easily and securely. This article ensures users or photographers to load enough weight while bending angles. This is a superior grade than Ballhead Professional than at least 2.5kg more (5lbs) can generally sustain.

There are total 3 separate knobs providing optimal security, multiple angels and convenience. In addition to the main locking knob, it also features a friction control knob, and a separate locking knob for pan control.

The attached ball head professional is a clamp style quick release system that is compatible with plates that fit the Arca Swiss standard. It comes with horizontal and vertical bubble levels, and anti-twist reversible tabs on the plate to prevent slippage when using the head in a vertical position.

Product Specs of Ball Head Professional Enforced

Length 7cm Width 6cm
High 9cm Weight 222g