King Of Kings

King of kings Intro

  • The strongest & the most powerful clamp ever.
  • Most suitable for mounting in every location but not table square.
  • Rubber in-built on the clamp so it maximizes the friction with objects.
  • Maximized the curve of radius for griping rods perfectly.
  • Extreme steady for loading a professional camera with heavy lenses.
  • Lowering its center of gravity so it can firmly stand on table.
  • Excellence for OUTDOOR, extreme sports, underwater activities with strong anti-shaking under motion design.
  • An absolute quality model with fashion & style.
  • Quick double-thread locking nob design opens the clamp width from 0 to 7.0cm (2.7inches) with 6 full rotations.

Product Specs of King of kings

Length 20cm Wieght 243g
Max loading from neck 60kg Catch clamp opening 0~7cm
Tablet sheath opening 14.5cm~18.5cm Connecting link size 6.35mm
(universal standard size)

King of kings Applications

ipad stand mount
mount for ipad
Hawk Sport

Intro of Hawk Sport

Whether you’re cycling to work, just out for fitness and fresh air, or a hardcore cyclist doing a tour of Europe; the lightweight and easily mounted ,Hawk Sport is the smartphone mount for you.
Interlocking fingers clamp firmly onto any size bike frame, handle bars or seat mount, without need for layers of packing. The 4x connection ensures a secure link even in unstable conditions, and 360° rotation with no risk of accidental release.
The extendable sport phone sheath provides a secure hold for almost any size smartphone, with two rubber coated arms plus a retractable bottom support.
Hawk Sport is a unique and versatile smartphone mount perfect for a huge range of everyday activities.Plus for more extreme sporting activities an optional accessory, the rubber sports band, can provide additional four corner support.
And for all the convenience of an everywhere mount, but for your tablet, the Hawk Edition 4x connection clamp can also be used with an extendable tablet sheath for super convenient mounting.

Product Specs of Hawk Sport

Length 13.5cm Wieght 216g
Max loading from neck 25kg Catch clamp opening 0~4.6cm
Tablet sheath opening 16cm~22cm Connecting link size 4X connection

Applications of Hawk Sport

It’s not just for cycling - Hawk Sport can be used anywhere; scooters, motorbikes, wheelchairs and mobility scooters, shopping trolleys, at your desk, on the train, golf carts – any flat, round or uneven surface.

universal ipad mount
apple ipad mount
airplane ipad mount