Black Edition

Intro of Black Edition

Mobile-Catch® Black Edition is a portable hands-free mounting system for smartphones and cameras. The patented design of Mobile-Catch® Black Edition has the same approximate grip range as a human hand. It can catch on to flat, rounded or uneven surfaces, and secure a smartphone in portrait and landscape, with rotation in 360° degrees, giving this unique product endless applications, at home, at work, in the car, out and about, doing sport or travelling.
Mobile-Catch® Black Edition is lightweight and compact, making it super convenient for on-the-go, whilst still providing the high levels of stability required for securing valuable items of tech.
The Mobile-Catch® Black Edition phone sheath can accommodate almost all sizes of smartphone, or a portable flash; and the universal camera mount screw thread enables direct linking with most digital cameras. Additional accessories, including an extension rod, can also be joined with Mobile-Catch® Black Edition, for increased functionality.

Product Specs of Black Edition

Length 24cm Wieght 109g
Max loading from neck 6kg Catch clamp opening 0~9cm
Phone sheath opening 4.5cm~8.8cm Connecting link size 6.35mm
(universal standard size)

Applications of Black Edition

gps car mount
gps dash mount
gps mounts