Ball Head Professional

Intro of Ball Head Professional

Lightweight 218g all metal ball and socket head ideal for lightweight digital cameras and accessories 1/4" camera and 1/4" base fitting for tripod 360 degree base rotation.

Applications of Ball Head Professional

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Ball Head Enforced

Intro of Ball Head Enforced

All made of the aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, lightweight 36g and maintains an excellent load capacity. The ball head rotates in 360 degree with 1/4’’ 20 UNC connection. For lightweight digital cameras and mobile devices.

Product Specs of Ball Head Enforced

Length 4.3cm Width 2.6cm
High 4.7cm Wieght 36g

Applications of Ball Head Enforced

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Ball Head

Intro of Ball Head

Lightweight 43g all metal ball and socket head ideal for lightweight digital cameras and accessories 1/4" camera and 1/4" base fitting for tripod 360 degree base rotation.

Product Specs of Ball Head

Length 3.5cm Width 2.2cm
High 5cm Wieght 42g

Applications of Ball Head

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Extension Rod

Intro of Extension Rod

This telescopic pole for use with Mobile-Catch® Black Edition enables users to increase the distance between the clamping surface and their smartphone, giving greater flexibility of applications. The lightweight design of this product ensures the portability of Mobile-Catch® products is maintained, whilst not compromising the stability of the hold, and therefore security of consumers’ valuable mobile devices. The length of device does not exceed the accepted range of personal space (1.3m) and therefore is within the acceptable range to be used in public without offending those in the general vicinity.

Product Specs of Extension Rod

Length 16cm~46cm Width 2.8cm
Wieght 75g

Applications of Extension Rod

The extension rod for Mobile-Catch® Black Edition gives users a greater variety of options for securing their smartphone, even when the desired clamping target is positioned inconveniently. This telescopic pole can be used in conjunction with the ball head to secure a smartphone at length, at any angle. This can be especially convenient for photography, watching TV in bed, or working at a desk. A ball head adaptor can be fitted at either one, or both ends, depending on the users needs.

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iPhone SE Case

Intro of iPhone SE Case

Using the patented connection incorporated into this iPhone SE case, you can link it to Mobile-Catch® Majestic Creation in seconds and install your iPhone SE anywhere in your surroundings.

Product Specs of iPhone SE Case

Length 12.5cm Width 6cm
Wieght 12g

Applications of iPhone SE Case

Using Mobile-Catch® Majestic Creation to secure your smartphone, you will be left with two hands free, just as nature intended. This makes Mobile-Catch® Majestic Creation particularly suitable for use in any situation where you need to be hands on, yet still want to have access to your smartphone, for example: cooking with a recipe, driving with directions, grocery shopping with a list, cycling with music or videoing your performance in any sport. Mobile-Catch® Majestic Creation is also great for passengers in cars, planes and trains to help prevent neck-ache from long periods head bowed staring at a screen watching TV or playing games, it can even be used to watch movies in bed on your smartphone.

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Sport Band

Intro of Sports Band

Silicon Band

Product Specs of Sports Band

Length 10.6cm Width 6cm
Wieght 20g

Applications of Sports Band

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